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Two sites in one...

I have now gathered together Broad Horizon Photos, which was a site in its own right until the beginning of 2013, with the much newer Broad Horizon Natural Soundscapes project and, as you can see, have made both of them subdivisions of one site under a very appropriate new domain name. This made sense because I was wanting to rationalize (and keep to a minimum) my use of multiple domains, which all cost me money, and actually Broad Horizon Photos was getting very little traffic since I switched to Flickr for the hosting of the photos, and thus not really justifying the cost of a domain all to itself.

As with the photos previously, in my sound recordings I am seeking to share what is beautiful and inspiring in my experience of nature and wild landscapes. What this is NOT about is some sort of soporific New-Agey sort of thing - even with my Wind Chimes in the Wild series of recordings, which in fact are natural soundscapes 'out in the sticks', incorporating wind chimes that are moved and sounded only by the wind, whereas in all commercial wind chimes recordings of which I am aware, they contain various degrees of faking, which render them greatly disappointing as a listening experience.

Although my earlier recordings can be found at, the real place to find my recordings - all of them - is on my Broad Horizon Natural Soundscapes page here, together with my e-Store, from which latter you can buy commercially produced CDs of most of them - a much healthier alternative to loading oneself with masses and masses of music.

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