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Broad Horizon Photos
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Clifftop crag with thrift
Clifftop crag with thrift


Broad Horizon Photos

A Resource of High Grade Images of Nature,
Wild Scenery and other 'Great Outdoors' subjects

(actually hosted at Flickr)

(Latest count = 3,562 photos)

Broad Horizon Photos is an online resource of photographs taken by me to broaden horizons - both physically and figuratively - and to uplift people, deepen their awareness and further their self-actualization and becoming altogether more complete people. This resource, although being developed with the intent of being uplifting, carries no New-Agey 'mystical' angle but simply masses of connection with what is beautiful in Nature and tends to inspire - though inevitably that does include the odd 'atmosphere' views that have presented themselves to me and which some people would feel to be 'mystical' or even, in a few instances, almost 'Gothic'.

I differ from very many photographers in that I do NOT see myself as a photographer, and indeed, in an important sense, I am not interested in photography! I am simply one with a deep connection and empathy with nature in all its aspects, and I use photography, as necessary, as a tool for sharing with others the beauty, uplift and exhilaration and 'rebalancing' that I myself find in nature. My photos thus do not seek to show off the sort of flashy and obtrusive technical and compositional technique that characterizes so much photography that appears in camera clubs and most photographers' public displays (which generally are a real turn-off for me).

I regard the surroundings of a nature subject as being an important part of the picture, and so I usually do not aim to fill the photo with just the primary subject. I also aim, as much as possible, to get some sense of space in each photo - very often actually with some blue sky or/and sea as part of the background. A nice example of this is the photo of the banded snail, Cepaea hortensis, which fills only a small portion of the photo, but amongst the waterside vegetation and with glimpses of blue sky it makes a beautiful picture (well, to my eyes!).

Similarly, my scenery photos have a 'natural' quality about them. That is, they do not try to be self-consciously 'arty' as so many photos in camera club exhibitions and competitions do. I prefer my subjects to 'speak for themselves' without self-consciously fussy composition getting in the way. If any of my photos are significantly putting across the message "Look what a brilliant photographer I am!", then those would be where I've got out of balance and somewhat 'lost my thread', for I and any 'technique' of mine are meant to be fully transparent in every photo that I take. Mother Nature is the one to admire; I am just one of 'Her' messengers!

I'm being very picky about what I present on this site, so I discard the majority of photos that I take, even though many of those that I cast out are pretty good by normal standards. I do retain a very small proportion of photos with less than the normal degree of sharpness that I generally accept, but only where this is justified because of an overall great appeal of the particular image, where in practice the greatest clarity of detail would normally not be an issue anyway.

The big change in July 2011 - moving my photos from here to Flickr

This site is now really just an informational front end for my Flickr site, which is where you would find my photos apart from the odd small example copies displayed here. There you can browse through the photos and search for specific subjects or keywords much more effectively than had been possible on this site.

Requests to obtain licence to use the photos

Such requests are welcome, and generally the way to go about it is to click on the Request to License link on the respective single picture page at Flickr. However, as detailed below, until / unless any particular agreement with an agent precludes my doing this, I would be happy to supply free copies of requested photos to certain organizations - see further below.

Who are these photos for?

They are aimed at anyone who wants to tune into the beauties and inspiration of Nature in its broadest sense, and wild / inspiring natural landscapes. When this project first came into my mind I was actually seeking a few specific types of nature / landscape photo simply to put prints of them up in specific positions in my living space as Feng Shui enhancements, to help make my living space more harmonious and healthy for me.

So, in developing this project I have been keeping in mind to give a fair amount of emphasis to the sorts of pictures that would make similar living space enhancements for other people. You might for example benefit from a photo of particular clouds in a blue sky (whether they be awesome thunderclouds or serene tufted cirrus) in a particular position in your living space - or a photo of foliage in a woodland setting, or a beautiful magnified expanse of elaborately structured orange lichen, or a burnet moth on a purple flowerhead, or a paragliding or surfing scene... I could go on an on about the range of photo subjects on this site that could be enhancements for your living space.

Free photos for appropriate organizations

Larger copies of particular photos are generally subject to a fee, but this is a free resource for certain types of organization provided they are non-commercial and non-Governmental - specifically:

It is a general condition of any such 'free' use of a photo that it carries a credit in every instance of publication, which includes the title or/and the address of this site in addition to my own name. However, I am open to possibly negotiating a slightly different arrangement if required in some specific case.

I would thus be getting a little advertising as a return for my giving free use of the particular photos.

Why this site changed its title and web address

This site actually started out with the title of Clear Mind Photos, and with a corresponding web address. I explain the troublesome situation that led me to change this site's original title and web address, in About Broad Horizon Nature. Now things have changed again, with a bit of plain commonsense rationalization bringing together Broad Horizon Photos with the much more recent Broad Horizon Natural Soundscapes under the 'umbrella' title Broad Horizon Nature.


Here are a few more 'tasters' to whet your appetite...

Foxglove on north Cornwall coast

Tranquil June evening reflections in Exeter Ship Canal

Herring gull on seaside wall, Port Isaac

Hebridean sheep on clifftop near Morwenstow

East Devon coast - High Peak from near Ladram Bay

Chair Ladder buttress, Gwennap Head, Land's End peninsula

Remotest Dartmoor - Fur Tor and Cut Hill from slope of Little Kneeset

Sunrise with tree reflections in Exeter Ship Canal