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>> 'Error 403' (Forbidden Access) page <<


Although there could be other causes of this, the most likely cause by far is that your IP address is banned on one or more of my sites because of my measures to thwart the actions of troublesome 'bots' (spambots, referrer spammers, site hackers, content scrapers and so on) visiting my sites.

This may be because of something you have done, like clicking on one of my 'bot trap' links or running a mass downloading agent on one or more of my sites, which does not abide by the robots.txt directives for each site - or it may be because you are just unfortunate in having an IP address that is within a whole block of such addresses that I have had cause to block because of so many troublesome 'bots' coming from there. For example, I am currently blocking all accesses from IP address blocks that I can identify as coming from Ukraine, Russia, China and some other more or less neighbouring countries.

Please note that if you are using a proxy server to make your Internet connections, it would be the proxy server's IP address that is banned rather than your own. If you are using a proxy server, therefore, you would need to disable your use of that and then see if you can access my sites. The use of proxy servers, except by people seeking to get round human rights violations of repressive government regimes, is generally anti-social and I do not intend to lift a finger to support it, except in the aforementioned situation, where people have an overriding need tor use of a proxy.

Please note also that if the 'referrer' string in the header information given by your browser on each page / file request is falsified in a particular way, that could also result in 'Forbidden Access' responses without your actually being banned. So, please ensure that neither your browser nor any security software is configured to falsify your HTTP_REFERER string. There is NO genuine security risk nor significant privacy issue, at least for non-criminals, in allowing one's browser to give correct referrer information when accessing a page or file.


Need to be unbanned / whitelisted?

As you are reading this you are presumably not one of those disgusting bots at all but an actual and presumably very nice bona fide visitor now locked out of one or more sites of mine. Sorry about that!

No cause for alarm and despondency, however! Please let me know which site(s) of mine you are locked out of; I would then be able to unban you and indeed whitelist you if appropriate. So, even people from Ukraine, Russia or China can take heart, for I can whitelist them individually despite the general block on site visits from sources recognised as being in their countries. -- Thank you for your forbearance.

For that purpose please use the form on my 'Unblock Me' contact page, which will automatically report to me your IP address, which latter I would need in order to unban you. Please be sure to tell me clearly and with all relevant detail what you were doing at the time you found you were blocked. It is not fair upon me to just say 'Please unblock me' and leave me to try to work out what the eff you were actually doing to cause you a 'Forbidden Access' response! Please do your best to help me to help you!

However, if you are using a proxy server, and disabling that has cleared the problem, please do not come to me asking for your proxy server to be unbanned. There is no good reason for using a proxy*, and because proxies are widely used by criminals to hide their true identity, I have no intention of allowing any proxy servers that have already been identified as ones being used by bad bots coming to my sites. It is simply up to you not to use a proxy. If you still feel that you must hide behind a proxy, then it is time that you put your own motivations up to deeper scrutiny.

* That is, apart from the case of people living in oppressive / authoritarian regimes, who for their own safety have to hide their identity when visiting websites. If you are in that category, please use the above-linked page to explain your situation to me, and I would do what I reasonably could to enable you to visit my sites somehow.

Kind regards,
Philip Goddard.